Greetings, This group is all about reaching out to people (juniors/adults) who want to play tennis.

Joining this club group gives you access to a long term tennis league program that manages your match-plays and provides comparative analysis of how you are performing within the club. It allows members to suggest and run their own events anywhere and anytime. The important thing to remember this is a social group – so we all want to be friendly to each other, even in times of match-play !!

This group is here to connect you to other tennis players of all levels, learn the game and to play in a match-play situation even in your busy schedule.

It is also a group for finding personal lessons or making acquaintances with coaches if that is also what you need, but now you can do it in a much easier manner.

The possibilities for you to get connected to a global network of professionals who play tennis as a sport can begin here.

It is a club for all players of all levels.

Have fun!

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