Benefits of Membership

Always loved the occasional hit but never regularly played?

Have a busy schedule and difficult to find people of the same interests to play with ?  Join this club and make tennis a permanent part of your week.

From the social side, to the fitness benefits, to a bit of healthy competition, joining a tennis club offers plenty of positives. By joining this club you get to choose players that suits your age and ability, pair up with players of your standard and pencil in some regular social but yet be in a competitive setting that suits you.

Whether you’re just starting out, an active player or reconnecting with your teenage forehand, you will feel the benefits of committing to regular exercise you enjoy.

Here’s six reasons why we suggest signing up to this online club:

1. It’s social. Playing at a local club is a great way to meet new friends or exercise with mates, because people of all ages, genders and abilities can play together.

2. It’s accessible. Wherever you are in, there is likely to be a court somewhere in your location. We provide you with an online system to organize your tennis match-play events anywhere you want.

3. It’s safe. Tennis is a non-impact sport with minimal risk of injury.

4. It’s a stress-buster. Work out some of that frustration on the ball. The tactics and strategy involved in match-play will also get your brain working.

5. It’s good for your bones. Tennis has been shown to improve bone density, particularly in the hip and lumbar spine areas.

6. It’s a game for life. You can start playing at any age, and keep enjoying it for years to come.


With this online system, you can

a. Can contact any member and organise the match-play event.

b. Can setup your availability to play so that you can be notified of potential players for match-play.

c. You also are able to perform the booking of the match-play event online once you and the other player/s agree to a location, date and time.

d. Manage your match-play scores and your comparative ranking in the league.

e. Develop a set of incentives and goals that motivates you towards improving your game level.

e. Develop a social network of friends that play the sport.